3 Months

WomenWorldCulture Benifits

  • Advertising
  • Booking Agent Support
  • Employment Opportunities
  • WomenWorldCulture Programs and Events (First access)
  • WomenWorldCulture Travel
  • WomenWorldCulture Research Projects
  • WomenWorldCulture Grants to Social-Entrepreneurs
  • WomenWorldCulture Women in Music Project (First access)
  • WomenWorldCulture Discrimnation in Education

Additional Benefits

  • Suggesting sources of educational support to enable writers to develop a first plan of writing, which may include securing additional education + ongoing editorial support for Members Only
  • Affordable Editorial Start-up Support for Unpublished Writers in English for Members Only
  • Affordable Support from experienced writers, educators and teachers of English for Members Only
Duration: 3 months
Price: $30.00

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