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A network to connect and empower women and cultural groups through attention to relevant social, justice and environmental issues, WomenWorldCulture establishes an infrastructure to find & share relevant information about arts, education, employment, environment, events, programs, projects, research, and services to the public. Membership will enable access to innovative events, services, and special opportunities.

"Total Communication," a unique, custom designed, confidential training program related to human and civil rights will be offered to Corporate, Public and Non-Profit CEOs, Senior Managers and Boards of Educational Institutions, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. The launch of "Total Communication" will be presented as the first WomenWorldCulture Event. Additional information will be presented in the Event Section.

To encourage connections among economic, social, cultural and other groups which often lead to divisions among us, free, public access is provided to much of the WomenWorldCulture network and many of its resources. The network member section will provide resources and opportunities to build a community team which enables reciprocal communication with those willing to let us know who they are and of their interest and ability to support WomenWorldCulture goals and objectives with a $10 monthly fee, payable at the following rates:

Membership Plans

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $30

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $55

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $100

Network Members will receive special resources and opportunities, including opportunities to advertise (when approved) on the WomenWorldCulture site and to have first access to events. Events and product sales (including books, CDs, DVDs and logo products) will support the work of relevant/designated artists, educators, social/environmental sustainability advocates, relevant social-entrepreneurs and innovative small businesses.

Network Membership Fees, as well as other generated revenues from WomenWorldCulture products, services, advertising, projects and activities will also be used for a variety of projects, including grants to individuals/groups/businesses with histories of advocacy for women of color/indigenous women, cultural groups and coalitions of women and/or cultural groups, environmental sustainability and to host events.

WomenWorldCulture is a division of Creative Concepts Systems, a social entrepreneurship, whose other divisions are International Association for Women of Color Day and The Jazz Generation band. Neither Creative Concepts Systems, nor any of its divisions, are nonprofit (501 C 3) or any other tax-exempt organization. Contributions to or purchases from this social entrepreneurship and its divisions are not tax deductible. A social entrepreneurship is a business which works to solve pressing social problems using visionary business techniques. The WomenWorldCulture network is the result of decades of work by many sharing visions of universal equality, freedom and justice. This effort includes the goal to sustain the planet with equitable benefit to all. We look forward to a future which is critically and significantly better than the past.


  •     Wonderful Davidson, President, Wonderful Unlimited Productions, Inc.,                                  Sacramento/San Francisco Bay Area
  •   Dr. Shelley Goldsby, Psychologist; Administrator, Fred Jefferson Foster Family Agency,         Sacramento, CA
  •   Lydia Howell, Journalist. Host/Producer, CATALYST ( KFAI 90.3fm Mpls/106.7fm, St Paul)            Minneapolis, MN
  •   Rev. Ashiya Odeye, Executive Director, The Justice Reform Coalition, Sacramento, CA
  •   Sergio Ortuño, CEO, Triangulación Kultural, Master Candombe Drummer/Founder,                   Candombe Drum School, Montevideo and Canelones, Uruguay
  •   Dr. Nicola Smith, Esq., Faculty, The Fielding Institute, Berkeley, CA
  •   Dr. Charleszetta Stalling, President, Stalling Associates; Education Administration,                       Sacramento
  •   Lillian Thornton, Esq. Attorney, New Orleans, LA
  •   Brenda Tindal, Vocalist/Administrative Staff, Sacramento, CA
  •   Jackie Wright, President, Media/Public Relations, Wright Enterprises, San Francisco
  •   Heddy Yep, Vocalist/Business Relations, Sacramento, CA

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