First Official Women of Color Day Greeting Cards © ™
Buy cards to send to honor outstanding women.
Give sets of cards to women, men, children, youth and organizations. 
Spread the practice of recognizing kindness, courage, talent & achievement.

Set of 6 Greeting Cards - $9.99                                                                              

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Ins and Outs is a collection of poems and stories from the 1970’s, written with the heart, influenced by the changing roles for women, with an inner-city Black voice full of affrontery, hope, despair, and humor. The poems are preceded by an introduction offering insight into the writer’s intent and identifying literary influences.

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Suzanne Brooks & Reggie Graham With Sergio Ortuño




A collection of poems, stories and essay presents issues affecting women writers and all women.  The poems address a gamut of emotions and experiences that go beyond the experiences of women to universal roles and relationships.  In the story, “Homeboy,” the author weaves together seemingly unrelated lives into the connection we all have with each other.

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First published on November 22, 2011. In addition to 16 essays written for The Black Commentator (, the book includes an excerpt from the author's unpublished dissertation—The Autoethnography of An Activist: Racism and Sexism in Higher Education, along with an essay on Systems Thinking applied to racism plus sexism. Some of the essays included are from past writings and still have relevance to current issues making news, illustrating the kinds of social climates which exist or have existed. They serve as background information for broad discussion.

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep (album)


Suzanne Brooks, Sergio Ortuño & Eddie Encarnacion  © Copyright - Suzanne Brooks, lyrics; Sergio Ortuño and Eddie Encarnacion, music / Women of Color Day (884502775754)
TRACKS: 1. Candombe Pa' La Lia      3:59   single only
 Notes:Suzanne Brooks, singer/songwriter, bandleader of The Jazz Generation; also writer with new books being released in 2011 in nonfiction and poetry. 

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Even Sad Memories Are Sweet (album)

Suzanne Brooks: multifaceted social entrepreneur whose expertise and creativity are drawn from work and commitment to human and civil rights, education and the arts. Owner, Creative Concepts Systems (CCS), a consulting business offering training, professional writing support, vocal coaching and event planning. 
CCS has 3 divisions: 


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