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PO Box 254735, Sacramento, CA 95865. These registration and membership terms & conditions (the "Registration and Membership Terms & Conditions," or "Agreement") is made between WomenWorldCulture registrants accessing the public sections of the WWC website and/or WomenWorldCulture Network Organization Memberships for which there is a subscription fee for 3, 6 or 12 months.


WomenWorldCulture, is a California social entrepreneurship with an executive office at 3325 Northrop Ave, Sacramento, CA95864.The person registering for public access will be the registrant. The person paying a membership fee, after registering for free public access, will subscribe to a 3, 6 or12 month organization membership whose benefits are listed on the WWC website and may increase, decrease and/or change in conditions and/or benefits of membership at any time, with or without notice. Written confirmation of membership status and electronic receipt will be provided upon receipt of payment of selected membership fee (after registration for public access). Notice of renewal options will be provided electronically through the payment system.


1. WomenWorldCulture Membership Benefits:


  1. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to Membership Benefits: will be provided to members only.

  2. Advertising on WWC website is Limited to Members. Ads are viewable both by Free Public Access Registrants and Active (fee paid) Advertising rates will be provided upon request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write “Attention: Advertising” in subject line.

  3. Booking Agent Support (Under Development) Will be for Members only

  4. Discrimination in Education, Employment and Housing: General Resource information is available to all registrants and members. Resource information which may help with specific problems, if known or available to WWC, will be provided to members only. This membership benefit is Under Development.

Information provided may identify how/where to contact civil rights enforcement agencies and civil rights organizations with public records of enforcing laws against discrimination and investigation of complaints.

Note: Information from WWC is not legal information and should not be regarded as, nor does it substitute for, legal advice. Legal cases should be pursued with the assistance of an attorney or where appropriate through a government enforcement agency or action by a civil or criminal justice system representative.

  1. WomenWorldCulture Programs and Events. First Access Participation will be offered to Subscribed, current Members

  2. WWC Human Trafficking: Global Online Conference ((Under Development) being planned; date to be announced. Seeking presenters, participants, ideas, collaborations, exhibitors, artists in all genres to support/participate in WWC programs and services at this event, including visual arts, music, literature, film, documentaries, dance, etc. Members interested in participating in these or other programs or events, please write: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Upcoming Events/Programs in headline.

  3. Total Communication: Executive Training Program. Click to see details. Discount Available to Members.

  4. WomenWorldCulture DNA &Travel: Under Development for Members only

Travel to Trace Ancestors

Travel Tips for Safety and for Women, Health Alerts for Travelers

What to Find Out Before Going To A New Destination

Making connections in advance

Value of language skills - even a little

Tickets to buy in advance

  1. WomenWorldCulture Research Projects: Under Development For Members only

Promoting and supporting literary, social science, historical, arts and other research,

especially about women, cultures and the sustainability of the planet

Sponsored Projects: To Be Announced

Member Recommended Projects Appreciated for consideration.

  1. WomenWorldCulture Grants to Social-Entrepreneurs Under Development for Members only

Applications and documented, verifiable, social entrepreneur history on behalf of women and diverse cultural groups, especially those who have experienced racism, racism plus sexism, homophobia, disability discrimination, age discrimination or other forms of prohibited discrimination, will be required.

  1. WomenWorldCulture Women in World Music Project Under Development: Members will have first access to performance, participation in event development, and attendance opportunities. Planned for every 3 years

  2. WomenWorldCulture Writer's Corner For Members Only

Encouraging and supporting writing of poems, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and journalism

Assisting member and nonmember new writers with free, publicly accessible tips in Resources & Information section.

Providing the opportunity for members to secure affordable editorial support by referral to editors joining the WWC Editors Directory of experienced editors, writers, educators and teachers of English

Identifying potential sources of educational support to enable writers to develop a first plan of writing, which may include securing additional education + ongoing editorial support for

  1. Affordable Editorial Start-up Support for Unpublished Writers in English (at this time) for Members Only Under Development

  2. Other Member Benefits are under development and will be posted hereafter.


2. Access to Benefits

  1. Each Member is entitled to receive Member Benefits, including any available discounts on specified entertainment-related and other products and services when offered by participating vendors.

  2. All Member Benefits, including, require a member to be in in good standing and enter his or her WWC registered email address, username and password.


  1. Discounts and other Benefits available to Members may be based upon negotiated group discounts from participating vendor's usual and customary fees, or on national or regional fees for such Product and /or Services. A Member's actual savings and benefits vary depending upon Member's physical location in the United States or other country. The specific Benefit Discounts and other Benefits available to Members may not be combined with discounts from any other discount program.

  2. All Benefits and Discounts are subject to discontinuation, change, modification, improvement or substitution without notice and WWC makes no representations or warranties with respect to, and accepts no responsibility or liability for, out of date or erroneous information related thereto.

  3. WWC has negotiated and/or will negotiate with the providers of Benefits in an attempt to acquire the best possible products, services and discounts for its members.

  4. The membership fee for WWC Members is $10.00 monthly, payable quarterly ($30); semi-annually ($55) or annually ($100) only. No single monthly fee payment is offered or available. These rates reflect a discount provided for Annual and Semi-annual subscriptions.

Membership fees are payable in advance for the period of subscription selected by the Subscriber/Member and are non-refundable, except in case of documented identity fraud reported to and under investigation by appropriate consumer protection and law enforcement agencies. In such cases, notification and documentation of the problem should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Request for Refund/Identity Fraud in Subject line.

g. Membership Term; Renewals.

A Member shall be entitled to all of the Benefits available to Members of WWC for the ensuing three, six or twelve-month period under the selected subscription plan, commencing on the date of acceptance of the Member's application for enrollment for each month of the selected subscription period thereafter (the "Membership Term"). WWC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time, with or without notice to any Member, or to cancel this Agreement or the WWC Service. Prior to the end of the subscription period paid for by the Member, electronic notice of Renewal and Upgrading opportunities and termination date will be sent. If termination date occurs, prior to renewal payment being made, there will be a period in which Member cannot access the Member Only

Section of the WWC site, although access to the Free Public Section will continue. If Renewal payment is made prior to the termination date, no interruption of access to Member Only section will occur.


3. Electronic Disclosure and Consent.

Your submission of an electronic application shall constitute your consent to receive any and all disclosures, notices and other communications including any notice that may be legally required to be provided to you regarding this Agreement, in electronic form. WWC will provide all future disclosures and notices by sending an alert to the electronic mail address that you have provided.

At your request, WWC agrees to provide you with a paper copy of any amendments to this Agreement but WWC will charge you a processing fee and a shipping fee for such service. You may request paper copies of required notices by sending such request to Attn: Membership, WWC, PO Box 254735 , Sacramento, CA. 95865

a. You have the right to withdraw this consent, but if you do WWC will immediately terminate this Agreement and/or the WWC Membership. To withdraw your consent, please contact WWC by sending such request to Attn: Membership, WWC, PO Box 254735 Sacramento, CA 95865


b. In order for you to access and retain this information, your system must meet the following requirements: (1) A PC or Macintosh compatible computer or other Internet-ready device, (2) Internet Access, (3) An Internet browser such as Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, or another such equivalent Internet browser. In order for you to print or download disclosures you must have a printer connection from your PC or sufficient hard-drive space available to save the disclosures. Your submission of an online application shall constitute your acknowledgement that you have access to the software and hardware necessary to receive via electronic means these disclosures and notice of any changes to the software and hardware requirements.


c. It is your responsibility to maintain accurate contact information in your member profile and to contact WWC immediately, if your electronic or US postal mail address changes, and if you are unwilling or unable to update the information online. You can contact WWC to inform WWC of such changes through the website.


4. WWC Membership Fee; Renewal Fees.

The current WWC membership fee will be automatically billed to Member's designated credit card account or other authorized billing source (e.g., debit card) on a recurring basis as authorized upon enrollment for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Any Member who uses a debit card as the designated credit card account acknowledges that WWC will not be responsible for any fees or penalties associated with insufficient funds, bounced checks or any other form of fee due to a charge of the Membership Fee or Purchase in WWC Store to a debit or credit card provided by the Member. Unless Member cancels WWC membership after selecting auto-renewal or alters their auto-renewal status through the member profile online pursuant to Section 5 of this Agreement prior to the end of Member’s then-current Membership Term, WWC will automatically renew membership at the end of such then-current Membership Term as authorized upon enrollment and bill the then-current renewal Service Fee to the designated billing source.


5. Right to Cancel; Refund of WWC Membership Fee.

Members have the right to terminate this Agreement and membership in the WWC Membership at any time. A Member may cancel this Agreement and WWC membership, or their auto-renewal, through their member profile, once logged into the website; or by sending such request to Attn: Accounting, WWC, PO Box 254735, Sacramento CA 95865. If Member cancels their membership before the end of a Membership Term for which Member has paid the Subscription Fee, the Member cannot receive a refund of such Service Fee nor any portion thereof. Due to the nature of the services provided by WWC (many of which are accessible immediately upon acceptance) it is understood that refunds cannot be issued. Member will remain liable for any other fees or charges to be paid pursuant to this Agreement or the WWC Membership Service. If Member feels that they have been billed multiple times for the Member Service for one Membership Term, Member should promptly send notice of such, including all membership contact details, billing dates, transaction details and the credit card and/or debit card number that it was billed to Attn: Accounting, WWC and also to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; with Attention Accounting in Subject Line


6. Disclaimer of Liability. Vendors.

WWC shall have no liability in regard to any services provided, or to be provided, by any non-affiliated third-party sponsor, affiliate, advertiser or vendor ("Vendor"). All Vendors, sponsors, affiliates, and/or advertisers are independent contractors and not employees, partners or joint venture partners with WWC. WWC shall have no liability in regard to any Benefits, Products or Services provided, or to be provided, by any Vendor, Sponsors, Affiliate, and/or Advertiser. You agree that claims with regard to products, services or benefits shall be made against the Vendor, Sponsor, Affiliate, and/or Advertisers providing or performing such products or services and not WWC. Although WWC upon request by the member, will endeavor to intervene in conjunction with a member experiencing a problem or discrepancy with a Vendor, in the event any product or service purchased by a Member is canceled, modified, defective, or otherwise unsatisfactory to the Member, the Member will look solely to the provider, seller, merchant or manufacturer of the product or service for any repair, exchange, refund or satisfaction of claim. Member understands and acknowledges that WWC cannot force vendors to provide any product, service or promotion and that Vendors are free to run their businesses as they see fit and begin/halt such efforts at their own discretion.


7. WWC Member Representation and Obligations.

In return for the discounts and benefits available under to WWC Members, each Member acknowledges such Member's obligations to WWC as follows: (a) you have read the "Membership Terms & Conditions" carefully, and understand the provisions of WWC programs, services and products. Service and the billing method for the payment of the membership subscription Fee; (b) You may cancel your membership in the ECA Service at any time prior to the conclusion of the then current Membership Term and will not be entitled to a refund of the pro rata unused portion of the Service Fee, (c) the Membership Term will renew automatically effective the first day following the conclusion of the existing Membership Term unless you elect to cancel in accordance with this Agreement; (d) the benefits of membership in WWC Services are not assignable without the express written consent of WWC and you will use your membership only for personal, commercial use of your social entrepreneurship or the business with which you are personally affiliated, or for the benefit of your immediate family. For purposes of this Agreement, "Immediate Family" shall be limited to the Member, and his or her spouse and children residing in the same house. You agree not to share any proprietary information supplied you by the WWC including but not limited to coupon codes, discounts, incentives, and the like to any third-party, individual, entity or institution. A violation of this provision will result in your forfeiture of membership in the WWC, potential legal action from WWC and its Members and/or potential legal action from the Vendor; and (e) WWC assumes no responsibility for the payment of or contribution to any use or sales tax on Benefits that may be imposed by any state or federal taxing authority and such taxes, to the extent imposed, shall remain the sole responsibility of the Member or the direct provider of the Benefits, as the case may be. WWC does allow, upon request, the use of our Women of Color Day logo on event materials of those requesting such use at events to honor outstanding women of color and those supporting women of color or working for similar justice issues. Requests must be in writing, at least one month before the event. Logo use is limited to flyers, poster and announcements of the planned event. More details can be found in FAQs on the WWC home page, along with photos of the Women of Color Day and Aurora Award Plaques which can be purchased from C&T Specialties, sole manufacturer of Women of Color Day products. Commercial use of the Women of Color Day and WomenWorldCulture logo, for example on Tee shirts whether or not marketed, is prohibited.


8. Governing Law; Arbitration.

This Agreement, and the respective rights and obligations of the parties hereunder, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California. Any dispute arising between you and WWC will be submitted to arbitration in the State of California in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect. Nothing herein stated shall deprive you of the benefits of the state's consumer protection laws.


9. Disclaimer of Warranties.

Most WWC products are sold exclusively through the WWC Store. In addition, we have some books for sale in some other sites, including Author House, Amazon and other. WWC receives the greatest benefit from product sales on our site. CDs/DVDs of The Jazz Generation band, promoted on this site, are sold in the WWC store and at other Internet locations in CD/DVD or downloadable formats. Most notable, 8 CDS of The Jazz Generation are sold by is important because a substantial part of our

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