Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $30

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $55

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits, Resource, and Services.

Cost: $100

WomenWorldCulture aims to connect women and cultural groups through relevant social issues and related activities. WWC is a network infrastructure s to find & share broad information on arts, education, research, services, & employment. WWC Network Members, in addition, have access to unique events and services. The Public Access section is provided free of charge. Additional information, services and benefits are available to Members Only for a monthly fee, payable quarterly, semi-annually or annually via Paypal options offered here.

Note: The public is welcome to join and visit the WomenWorldCulture website by registering as a free activity. Services are provided to WWC members for the fees noted below.


WWC  Organization Membership

  • 1-year Subscription: $100; 6-month Subscription: $55; 3-month Subscription: $30.
Members receive special benefits, resources and services. 

Join WWC Organization for Special Membership Benefits

Member Benefits
Advertising - More information
Limited to Members only
Exception: employment/entertainment ads are accessible by both Free Public Access and Members
Booking Agent Support
Under Development, Members only
Employment Opportunities
  • Under Development, Members only
  • Exception: Gigs/Jobs: Entertainment and Arts are accessible by Both Free Public Access and Members

Discrimination in Education, Employment and Housing
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • General: Facts and Data; Information re Available Help; Suggested Appropriate Responses; Documentation
  • Specific Suggestions for Individual Civil Rights Questions by Email for Members Only.
  1. Suggestions may include information on how to contact civil rights enforcement agencies and civil rights organizations with public records of enforcing laws against discrimination and investigation of complaints.
  2. Note:WomenWorldCulture sugges tions and information do not constitute legal advice and do not substitute for representation by an attorney, or action by a civil or criminal justice system representative.

WomenWorldCulture Programs and Events
  • Participation first access offered to Members
  • Human Trafficking: Global Online Conference being planned; date to be announced. Seeking presenters, particpants, ideas, collaborations, exhibitors, artists in all genres (visual, music, literary, film, documentaries, dance, etc.)
  • Members interested in participating in any program or event, please write: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming Events

10 May 2024 06:00PM -
Association of of Raza Educators

WomenWorldCulture Travel
  • Under Development for Members only
  • Travel Tips for Safety and for Women
  • Health Alerts for Travelers
  • What to Find Out Before Going To A New Destination
  • Making connections in advance
  • Value of language skills - even a little
  • Tickets to buy in advance
  • Travel to Trace Ancestors
WomenWorldCultureResearch Projects
  • Under Development For Members only
  • Sponsored Projects: To Be Announced
  • Member Recommended Projects
WomenWorldCulture Grants to Social-Entrepreneurs
  • Under Development for Members only
  • Applications and documented, verifiable, social entrepreneur history will be required.
WomenWorldCulture Women in Music Project
  • Under Development
  • Members will have first access to performance and attendance opportunities
  • Planned for every 3 years

WomenWorldCulture Writer's Corner
  • Encouraging and supporting writing of poems, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and journalism
  • Promoting and supporting literary, social science, historical, arts and other research, especially about women, cultures and the sustainability of the planet
  • Assisting new writers with free, publicly accessible tips
  • Providing the opportunity for members to secure affordable editorial support

For Members Only
  • Suggesting sources of educational support to enable writers to develop a first plan of writing, which may include securing additional education + ongoing editorial support for Members Only
  • Affordable Editorial Start-up Support for Unpublished Writers in English for Members Only
  • Affordable Support from experienced writers, educators and teachers of English for Members Only
  • WWCcannot eliminate the need for literary competence but can encourage creative individuals to pursue the education and skills needed to begin the writing journey and turn ideas into literary work. Every successful journey begins with that first step.
  • Interested writers email: Contact@womenworldculture with "Writer's Corner Start-up Support" in Subject Line" to obtain an application and additional details.

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