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The history of the world is a long tale of movement. Like air and water, land masses have also moved. Maps show that continents, once connected, have moved across oceans. Their retained shapes show where they once fit. Forms of life, including humans, have also moved, seeking food, water and shelter. Amid all the movement, humans--people have evolved and moved from our African birthplace to new locations on every continent. These journeys have been filled with hope and joy, war and peace, famine and drought and plenty. In spite of every challenge, the global population has grown.
  • In the past, informed decisions were made after asking a question of  family, friend, neighbor or person in authority and presuming (sometimes hoping) the answer given was correct. 
  • Today, information is available quickly for local communities, nations and the world in myriad publications: books, newspapers, and magazines--on and off-line. 
  • Even more can be learned via innumerable kinds of electronic media: radio, television, Internet, and various kinds of phones and other devices. 
  • All kinds of information are needed to be truly, accurately informed. The World section of WWC aims to facilitate becoming informed world citizens based on current, trustworthy, unbiased information from diverse sources.

It is up to each person to find and use accurate, documented, fact-checked information/data in the best interests of us all.

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