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The Mission, Goals and Objectives of WomenWorldCulture are designed to inform, empower, support and engage people around the world; to exchange information directly or by collecting and developing educational content; to conduct and promote research; and to encourage, support and fund social entrepreneurs, arts, social change, and actions to sustain our planet.

WomenWorldCulture is a network to connect women and cultural groups through attention to relevant social issues. WomenWorldCulture establishes an infrastructure to find and share information, arts, education, research, services, and employment information, with member access to unique events, services, and opportunities. To make connections across cultural, economic and class divisions, free, public access to much of the WomenWorldCulture network and many of its resources is provided.

The network member section will include a community team to enable reciprocal communication with those willing to let us know who they are and of their interest and ability to support WWC goals and objectives. Network Member fees will be $10 monthly, payable in one of three options: $100 for 12 months;$55 for 6 months; or $30 for 3 months via the PayPal options on this site. Network Members will receive special resources and opportunities, including the privilege of advertising on the WomenWorldCulture site; opportunities to secure editing support services for new and established writers at designated and negotiated rates; and first access to events. Some events will support the work of artists, educators and advocates, providing occasions to interact with relevant social-entrepreneurs and innovative small businesses. Other events will respond to human/civil rights, educational, environmental, humanitarian, small business, and social change issues.

Network Membership Fees, as well as revenues from WomenWorldCulture projects, services and events, will be used for a variety of projects and programs, eventually including grants to individuals/groups/businesses with histories of advocacy for women of color/indigenous women, cultural groups and coalitions of women and/or cultural groups, projects to sustain the environment and to host events, as well as to meet the expenses of the organization and website. It should be noted that WomenWorldCulture is a social entrepreneurship--a business operating in the public interest. WomenWorldCulture is not a charity, is not tax-deductible and is not a 501 (c) 3 organization.

The WomenWorldCulture network is the result of decades of work by many who share visions of universal equality, freedom and justice. This effort includes the goal to sustain the planet with equitable benefit to all. We look forward to a future which is critically and significantly better than the past. All who share this vision are welcome.

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