Ins and Outs is a collection of poems and stories from the 1970’s, written with the heart, influenced by the changing roles for women, with an inner-city Black voice full of affrontery, hope, despair, and humor. The poems are preceded by an introduction offering insight into the writer’s intent and identifying literary influences.
“Light Through The Ivy,” is a poignant story of a girl trapped in the cultural racism that at times afflicts light, almost white-looking, people. The stepfather, Dave, has a keen dislike for the child, using her color to shield his feelings of inadequacy as a male. The story gives insight into the problems many women have of trying to raise children who have different fathers. Also considered is the assumed easy time that African Americans with very pale skin have.

“Family Tree,” the second story, addresses social issues, including deafness and abortion. The book is well written and can be used at the junior and senior high school levels. It also can be used as a discussion piece for counseling sessions dealing with sibling order and rivalry. The author quietly and alone speaks about the trials and triumphs in lives of real people

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