Triangulacion Kultural (TK) the vision of African and Afro-American artists & community workers-Congolese, French & Uruguayan. TK shows the self-initiated collaboration crucial to transform Earth into sustainable planet of justice, equality and peace
Triangulation Kultural (TK)
Motivated by recognition of the significance of African and Afro-American culture, Congolese, French and Uruguayan artists and community workers joined in 2006 to form Triangulation Kultural. Candombe arts were acknowledged as effective and necessary tools for social transformation.
Triangulation Kultural contributing cultural centers in France and Uruguay serve as nonprofit civil associations committed to formal and non-formal education. The status of TK in Uruguay was recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Education and Culture on 22 April 2010 in the town of Barros Blancos. The goals and objectives of Triangulacion Kultural are outlined in the following points:
  • Rescue, preservation, fortification, diffusion and dissemination of Afro-Uruguayan Cultural Heritage.
  • Coordination , cooperation and exchange with other cultural expressions of African and related matrix in national and international levels.
  • Training and socialization in formal and informal educational spaces in a profile of decentralization and strengthening of local areas.
  • Promotion of self-management actions under development and promise of cultural industries.
  • Promotion of inter-culturality and racial equality.
  • Rating, ranking and visibility of Candombe.

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