November 1962: the start of THE SACRAMENTO OBSERVER, a leading African American newspaper in America. Its principal architect was Dr. William Hanford Lee with his immediate family, Mrs. Kathryn Lee, and sons, Larry, Billy and Roderick (deceased) in leading roles in the family owned business. 
Few, if any, of this country's Black newspapers can match The Observer's record of publishing a publication the size of 300 pages and larger; or top the unprecedented recognition given to THE OBSERVER for its outstanding historical, governmental and youth coverage; or equal the consistent publishing leadership of the paper with its supplements and special editions.
"Publishing a newspaper is certainly not one of the easiest tasks in the world, but it has to be one of the most exciting. We continue to solicit support of readers and advertisers in our market to make THE OBSERVER one of the most valuable significant communication enterprises in America," the publisher continues. "Informing the community is our mission. With untiring dedication, a focus on the changing direction of the industry, and the growing support of others, we will achieve this mission," relates Dr. Lee.
Dr. William H. Lee, Mrs. Kathryn Lee, Larry Lee